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Tianjin Airlines

Tianjin Airlines

Tianjin Airline is a Chinese airline who recently started it’s operating to United Kingdom, from the UK it operates from London Gatwick to Tianjin in china, further details are below

• Founded: 2004
• Commenced Operations: 2007
• IATA Code: GS
• Fleet Size: 91
• Number of Destinations: 63
• Frequent Flyer Program: Fortune Wings Club

About Tianjin Airlines

The airline was founded in 2004 under the name Grand China Express Air. The airline used to operate domestically / regionally. In 2009 the name was changed to Tianjin Airlines.
The airlines headquarter is based in Tianjin, China with the primary hub at Tianjin Binhai International Airport and Haikou Meilan International Airport.
As of June 2016 the airline will be started its International Routes.

Airline Fleet

Tianjin Airlines at the moment has a total fleet size of 91 aeroplanes. Order for 21 new plans has also been placed by the airline. The fleet includes the below mentioned operational planes
• Airbus A320-200
• Airbus A330-200
• Embraer ERJ-145
• Embraer E190
• Embraer E190-E2

Tianjin Airlines Flights

Looking to book cheap flight to China from the UK? Then visit us on Travel Shop UK and book cheap flights with Tianjin Airlines from London to China. Tianjin Airline used to operate domestically but now they have started flights on international routes as well. So far the first long haul flight for the airline will be from the UK to China. After that the airline will be operating flights to Moscow and Vancouver as well.
To find out more about the airline and to book a flight call us on Travel Shop UK or send us an online query with your specifications. We will help you in all ways possible in finding the best flight with the best itinerary and within your budget.

Tianjin Airlines Travelling Classes

There are three basic travelling classes offered by Tianjin Airlines.
• Economy Class
• Business Class
• First Class
The services offered by Tianjin Airlines are truly remarkable. First class and Business class passengers are provided with five-star dining. Amazing multimedia system is available for them on board the flight. Seats available have extra leg room.
Economy class passengers also share the same things but in a little bit lesser quantity. But the services provided by the airline staff is all five star for all the passengers.

Tianjin Airline Baggage Allowance

Some free baggage allowance is permitted by the airline for its passengers.

Hand Luggage

Free hand luggage allowance permitted by the airline is normally one bag weighing between 5 kg and 7 kg.

Checked Baggage

On Domestic flights the free checked baggage allowance is 40 kg for First Class, 30 Kg for Business class and 20 kg for Economy Class.

And on International routes the free checked baggage allowance is 2 bags weighing no more than 32 kg each for First and Business class passengers and 1 bag of 32 kg for Economy class passengers. So it is advised to check with your travel advisor about the luggage allowance.


There are two basic ways available for the passengers to check-in.
The first way is through online check-in. This can be done 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
The second way is to be done physically at the airport. Normally it is advised to be at the airport 3 hours prior to the departure of the flight.

Tianjin Air Contact Details

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