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Cheap Flights to Asia

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Cheapest Flights to Asia

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Geographical Location of Asia

Asia is the most diverse and the largest continent in the world covering a massive landmass of four-fifths of Eurasia. Asia is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east, Arctic Ocean to the north, the inland seas of Mediterranean the Black sea and Atlantic Ocean to the southwest, the Indian Ocean to the south and Europe to the west.  Asia covers a mass area of approximately 43,820,000 kilometer square, having the highest point at Mount Everest and the lowest point at Dead Sea.

Asian Climate

The climate in Asian continent is also extremely diverse, ranging from arctic and subarctic in Siberia to tropical in Southeast Asia and Southern India. The monsoon circulation is very vast across the eastern and the southern section of Asia due to the existence of the Himalayas. Tropical rain forests stretch across the southern part of Asia and the deciduous and coniferous forests stretch across the northern part of Asia. The hotter parts the southwest section of Asia.

Asian Languages

There are many languages that are spoken in the Asian Continent. In Asia almost all countries use their native language as the official language, although English is also spoken in widespread areas.

The major languages in Asia in term of numbers are Sino-Tibetan in East and Indo European in the South.

Sino-Tibetan Languages

Sino-Tibetan Languages include Tibetan, Chinese, Burmese and many languages of southern China, North east India, Burma and the Tibetan Plateau.

Indo European Languages

Indo European Languages in the Iranian branch include Pashto, Persian and other languages of Afghanistan, Central Asia, Pakistan and Iran. The Slavic branch includes Greek around the Black Sea and Russian in Siberia. The Indic branch includes Urdu, Hindi and many other languages of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal.

Other Languages

Other Language families are the Altaic which includes Mongolic Language, Korean, Turkish, Japonic and Tungusic languages. The Mon Khmer language famlily includes Cambodian and Vietnamese. Other language families include Tai Kadai, Austronesian, Dravidian, Semitic, Siberian families, Caucasian families, Creoles and pidgins.