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Cheap Flights to Eritrea


Cheap tickets to Eritrea

For the unforgettable journey we are ready to provide you the opportunities and our best services to book cheap flights to Eritrea. We have the best packages on tickets to Eritrea from UK. You can find more information by visiting our page and website which will guide you in booking the Eritrea flights. You can also have information about the seasons to book the flight. If you want to avail this best opportunity book your flight 3 to 4 months before with Travel shop UK.

About Eritrea

Eritrea is a fascinating country with the territory full of unrefined and real things. It is the country of East Africa with the alluring capital Asmara. She has the heavenly location on the globe sharing the boundaries with Sudan from the west, Ethiopia from the South and Djibouti from the south east. The southern part of the country is made up of low and huge deserts and his is the main desirability of the country for the tourists. Some parts of the Eritrea have an extensive coastline along the red sea. Infect the name of the country is also based on the Greek name of the Red Sea.

Best time to fly to Eritrea

Eritrea’s temperature varies place to place. Most of the areas of the country have a dry sunny and humid climate due to the richness in deserts here. In the capital Asmara, the most recommended months are from May to September.  The climate is sunny and dry, which creates the best environment for the visitors to have fun. Besides it, if you want to visit coast, fly in the months between December and March will make your journey adventurous.

Airports in Eritrea

As Eritrea is a developing country, there are not many flights national and international and the airports are not too much busy. This may helps the passengers because they don’t face any inconvenience due to the rush on the airports. Asmara International Airport is the biggest airport of the country and the only airport of the capital city dealing with the flights national and international both.

Getting around Eritrea

As the country is not much prosperous, so the petrol is so costly. Due to which the taxis are so expensive for the people. But you can travel in buses which will be affordable and easily accessible. If you want to cover long distances, the trains are available with their good services.

Attractions of Eritrea

No doubt the country has some exceptional beauty which differentiates it from other places. There are many reasons to book a flight to Eritrea from UK. The most significant thing seen in the country is the “Green Belt area” present in Asmara. There you can make a great view of the city. Many areas near it are the habitat of many animals and mammals. This is the perfect environment for them to live here.

Qohaito is another impressive place for the tourists. This area represents the old cultures of the time. You can also have information about the country by visiting there.

Eritrea is ideal place for swimming as the country is wealthy in lakes, parks and swimming pools. The people come from UK love to swim here because of the cool environment.