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Cheap Flights to Freetown

Freetown city view

Flights to Freetown

Booking cheap flights to Freetown is no longer a hard thing to do. Travel Shop UK specializes in flights to and from the African destinations. We have consolidated fares with world class airlines, due to which we offer amazing bargain deals and cheap flight fares to African destinations.

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Flight Options for Freetown

In the past few years it was hard to find reasonable priced flights to Freetown. But now with more world class airlines starting their routes to Sierra Leone, cheap flight tickets to Freetown are easily available. There are many indirect flight options available for Freetown, but unfortunately there is no direct flight available till this time.

Freetown Overview

Freetown being the major port city on the Atlantic Ocean is located in the western Area of the country. It is the largest city and also the capital of Sierra Leone. Freetown is the major financial, economical, urban, educational, political and cultural center of the country.The city was founded in 1792 and now has a population of approximately 952,000.The climate of the city is considered to be tropical. It has a rainy season starting from the month of May and lasting through till the month of October. The months from November till February are considered to be cool. Rest the balance of the year represents the dry season.

Attractions of Freetown

Freetown is still on the stage of gaining popularity amongst the tourists. But the people who have visited this marvelous city are quite satisfied with their journey. Amongst the attractions Freetown has some amazing beaches, night clubs and bars, great shopping and magnificent restaurants. Some of the main attractions that tourists love to visit include The National Museum of Sierra Leone, Bunce Island, The National Railway Museum and the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Booking Flights to Freetown

Looking for a hassle free way to book flights to Freetown? Travel Shop UK is a one stop solution to your search. Booking with us is a completely hassle free process. You can call us directly or send us your preferences via email. Our specialized agents are available to help you search and book reasonable priced flights. With our personalized service, you can completely relax. As all the flight options will be sent to you via email or communicated over the phone for you to choose from. Once you have selected the flight you can reply us back or call us confirming the details are correct. Then comes the process of payment which can be done over the phone by using your debit/credit card, or you can do online transfer into the companies bank account. Otherwise the option to come to our office to make the payment is also available. Once that is done then you will receive an email which will have your E-tickets. All you have to do is take a print out of them and you are all ready to go.
Even after that if you need any assistance we are available to help you out.