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Cheap Flights to Harare

Harare Zimbabwe

Cheapest Flights to Harare

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Harare Overview

This marvelous city was founded in 1890 and was named Salisbury after the name of the British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury. This name was officially used until 1982, and on the second anniversary of the Zimbabwean independence the name was changed to Harare.

With an approximate pollution of 1,605,000, Harare is a metropolitan province. In Zimbabwe, Harare is considered to be the leading commercial, financial and communication center. It is also the trade center for cotton, tobacco, citrus fruit and maize. Goods manufactured in Harare include chemical and steel, textiles and gold is also mined.


Harare climate is included in the subtropical climate. There are three main season’s that occur in the city. The warm, wet season, this lasts from the month of November to March. Sometimes it prolongs till the month of April. The cool, dry season, this lasts from the month of May till August. Lastly the hot, dry season happens in the month of September and October.

Best Time to Fly to Harare

In general you can plan your journey anytime of the year to visit this marvelous and awe inspiring city of Harare. The city holds activities and amusement for all tourists. While planning your journey always keep in mind that the travel period is divided into two season.

  1. Peak Season (Prices are high as it is the Holiday period)
  2. Off Peak Season (Prices are low as this is the non-Holiday period)

Peak Season

This is the time that is considered to be the prime time for travelling, as this is mostly the Holiday period. But keeping in mind that prices at this time are normally high. Even though prices are high but finding cheap flights to Harare is not impossible.  Sometimes airlines tend to introduce promotional fares that helps customers in finding cheap flights to Zimbabwe Harare. Normally people planning to travel in the high season try booking in advance and try to use the facility of Book now pay later flights. Holiday period is generally the school holiday period from mid-July till start of September. The Easter holiday season, Christmas and New Year’s.

Off Peak Season

The remaining months that are not part of the Holiday period are considered the off peak season with the airlines. Prices are quite lower than what you would get in the high season. At this time flight deals to Harare are quite easy to find. There are a lot of bargain deals, special fares, holiday packages and cheap flights available at this time.

Harare Airport

Harare International Airport is the largest airport in Zimbabwe. The operations of this airport is carried out by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe. Major airlines operating from this airport are Kenyan Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Air Namibia, British Airways, Air Botswana, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates Airline, Airlink, Zimbabwe flyafrica, South African Airways, Malawian Airlines, fast jet and South African Express.

Some of the facilities that are available for passengers at the airport

  • Duty Free Shop
  • Business Center
  • Cafeterias and Bars
  • News Agent
  • Bank
  • Auto Exchange Machine
  • Post Office
  • Gift shop
  • VIP Lounge
  • First Aid
  • Taxi Service
  • Bureau de Change
  • Airport Parking Facility

Attractions of Harare

A trip to Harare is surely to leave you inspired by its beauty and marvels, wanting you to come back again for a visit. There are a lot of activities, adventures, fun and awe inspiring landscapes that attract a lot of tourists to take flights to Harare and experience all the marvels and magic that the city has to offer.

Some of the main attractions that attracts tourists are mentioned below:

  • National Heroes’ Acre
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Doon Estate and Chapungu valley
  • Mukuvisi Woodlands
  • Wild is Life sanctuary
  • The National Gallery
  • Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary
  • Avondale flea market
  • Mbare Musika
  • Museum of Human Sciences
  • Reps Theatre
  • National Archives
  • Wild Geese Lodge
  • Chiremba/Epworth Balancing Rocks
  • The Book Café
  • The Town House
  • Ngomakurira (The Mountain of Drums)
  • Africa Unity Square and Harare Gardens
  • Domboshawa

Flights to Harare

Being amongst the leading destinations travelled by tourists there are a lot of world class carriers that fly to Harare. Unfortunately with the closure of Air Zimbabwe on international routes there are no more direct flights to Harare. But amongst the indirect flights there are a lot of options available with world class airlines. You can get bargain and cheap flight tickets to Harare, Zimbabwe from all major airports in the UK.

So you can plan your journey and choose from world class airlines and get Harare flights from London, cheap flights to Harare from Manchester and other airports like Birmingham, New Castle, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds are also available for Harare flights.

Direct Flights to Harare

There are no direct flights to Harare available at the moment. Air Zimbabwe used to be the only direct airline from which you could get flights to Harare from London. Unfortunately with the closure of Air Zimbabwe on international routes there is no other airline that flies direct to Harare.

Indirect Flights to Harare

For choosing indirect flights there are a lot of flight options available. As Harare has become one of the leading destinations for tourists a lot of world class carriers have started their flights to Harare. For getting cheap Harare flights you can plan your journey travelling via GULF by taking Emirates Airline or Qatar Airways, or if you planning to travel via Europe then you have the options of KLM, Air France and Lufthansa. Via Africa you can choose from Kenyan Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways and Egypt Air.

Some of these flights have one transit stop and some provide you with the option of two transit stops. This effects the price of the ticket as well.

Flight Duration to Harare

The flight times and duration varies according to the airlines and the route they are flying from. Some of the average time durations are mentioned below:

  • Travelling via Africa the average flight time is around 11 hours 15 minutes.
  • Travelling via Gulf the average flight time is around 14 hours 30 minutes.
  • Travelling via Europe the average flight time is around 12 hours 45 minutes.

*these times may vary. They can be more or less than the ones mentioned above. Depending on the airline flying to Harare.

Booking Flights to Harare

If you are searching and try to book cheap flights to Harare, then Travel Shop UK is the one stop solution to your search. The whole process of searching and booking is quite simple. Just give us a call and talk to one of our experienced travel advisors regarding your journey. Provide us with the details, requirements and preferences and we will surely find the right flight for you according to your budget.

Otherwise you can send us an online query and let us know your preferences, we will search the best option available in the market for you and send you all the details via email for you to choose from.

How to Book Last Minute Flights to Harare

This is one of the questions that a lot of people ask and get confused on that is it wise to book last minute fights? Well booking last minute flights can always be a gamble. Sometimes you can get cheap flights and sometimes you may end up paying a lot for the ticket.

We at Travel Shop UK can still get you the best deal available for last minute flights to Harare. We aim at facilitating our customers to the maximum. For last minute flights all you do is provide us with your preferences and leave the rest to us. Our specialized agents will surely be able to find you the best bargain deal even though it may be a last minute flight.

We assure you that our prices are competitive and can be compared with other agencies. We aim at providing personalized service so that you can relax during the whole process of searching and booking.