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Cheap Flights to Malawi

Malawi Beach

Flights to Malawi

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Malawi Overview

Located in the southeast Africa, Malawi was formerly known as Nyasaland. It is bordered by Mozambique to the west, east and south, Tanzania to the northeast and Zambia to the northwest. It is separated from Mozambique and Tanzania by Lake Malawi. Lilongwe is the Capital and the largest city of this country.

Malawi being amongst the smallest countries in Africa is also nicknamed as The Warm Heart of Africa with an approximate population of 16,788,947.

The country gained independence in 1963 and the name was changed from Nyasaland to Malawi.

Malawi Climate

The climate of Malawi is considered to be sub-tropical. There are basically three seasons, warm wet season, cool dry season and hot dry season. The warm wet season lasts from November till April, the cool dry season lasts from May till August and the hot dry season from September to October.

Best Time to Fly to Malawi

In general it is hard to say that what will be the best time to fly to this beautiful country. You can plan a trip anytime of the year and experience the marvels that this country holds.

Price wise according to the airlines there are two season.

  1. Off Peak Season
  2. Peak Season

Peak Season

Peak season in the UK considered to be the school holiday period. This includes the summer holidays in July till start of September, the Christmas and New Year’s period happening in December till January and then the Easter period.

Prices are relatively high at this period, but cheap tickets to Malawi are still not impossible to find. Mostly people who have their holidays pre planned try booking in advance or they avail the option of Book now pay later. This way their budget does not get affected by much.

Off Peak Season

All the months that are not included in the holiday period is considered to be the off peak season with the airlines. Prices difference is a lot between the peak and off peak season. Prices are quite low at this period. Booking in off peak season, you are surely to find bargain deals and affordable flight tickets to Malawi.

Popular Cities in Malawi

Malawi is becoming a very popular country amongst the tourists. People have started exploring the beauty and the magic of this marvelous country. There are a lot of attractions for all sort of tourist here. The popular cities that are visited the most by tourist are Lilongwe and Blantyre.

So you can plan your journey any time of the year to visit these amazing cities by taking Cheap Flights to Malawi.

Major Airports in Malawi

Major airports in Malawi are located in the two main cities i.e. Lilongwe and Blantyre.


Lilongwe is the largest and the Capital city of Malawi. The airport located there is named as Kamuzu International Airport otherwise known as Lilongwe International Airport. Some of the main airlines operating from this airport are Kenyan Airways, South African Airways, Fastjet, Malawian Airlines, Proflight Zambia, Ethiopian Airline and Ulendo Airlink.

Some of the major facilities available at this international airport are mentioned below:

  • Bureau de Change
  • Business Center
  • News Agent
  • Cafeterias and Bars
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Gift shop
  • Taxi Service
  • VIP Lounge
  • Airport Parking Facility


The airport is located 9 miles from Blantyre, the second largest city of Malawi. This airport is named as Chileka International Airport. Airlines operating from this airport are Ethiopian Airways, Malawian Airlines and South African Airways.

Some general facilities available for passengers at the airport are as below:

  • News Agent
  • Cafeterias and Bars
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Taxi Service
  • Airport Parking Facility


Attractions of Malawi

With the attraction to be able to purchase cheap flight tickets to Malawi, one can avail this opportunity to see the marvelous attraction and beautiful landscape of this country. Your journey will not go wasted as Malawi has a lot of things to do that attracts a lot of tourists to this magnificent country. Some of the main attractions have been mentioned below:

  • Mount Mulanje
  • Kuti Wildlife Reserve
  • Majete Wildlife Reserve
  • Lilongwe Wildlife Centre
  • La Caverna Art Gallery
  • Kungoni Centre of Culture & Art
  • The Society of Malawi Library
  • The Way of the Cross
  • Nature Sanctuary
  • Kumbali Cultural Village
  • Parliament Building
  • St Michael and All Angels Church
  • World War I Memorial
  • Old Town Mall
  • Mwabvi Game Reserve
  • National Herbarium And Botanic Gardens
  • Lake Chilwa
  • Kande Beach
  • Nkhoma Mountain
  • Chongoni Rock-Art Area
  • Tindoz d’Afrique
  • Maula Cathedral
  • Lilongwe Play Centre
  • Peter’s Cathedral
  • Ulisa Gardens


Flight Options Available for Malawi

For travelling to Malawi from the UK there are many flight options from different world class airlines. At this point there are no direct flights to Malawi from the UK. For indirect flights there are many options available. You can get bargain deals to Malawi from all airports located in the UK. So you can make arrangements for your journey in ease and still be able to get cheap flights to Malawi from London, bargain flights to Malawi from Manchester, reasonable flights tickets to Malawi from Birmingham and same is the case from Edinburgh, Leeds, New Castle and Dublin.

Direct Flights to Malawi

unfortunately there are no direct flights to Malawi from the UK at this stage. BA is preparing to start it’s operations in near future.

Indirect Flights to Malawi

There is option of many world class airlines to choose from to fly to Malawi from the UK. You can get good airfares to Malawi with Kenyan Airlines flying via Nairobi, Ethiopian Airlines flying via Addis Ababa and South African Airways flying via Johannesburg. These three world class carriers are the most preferred and recommended.

Flight Duration to Malawi

Flight duration depends on the airlines that is travelling and the route it chooses to fly from. As all the 3 major carriers for flights to Malawi fly Via Africa so the average flight time from the UK to Malawi is around 10 to 11 Hours.

*this times may vary. This can be more or less than the one mentioned above. Depending on the airline flying to Malawi.

How to Book Last Minute Flights to Malawi

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