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Flights to Namibia


Cheap Flights to Namibia

Booking cheap flights to Namibia are no longer hard. Travel Shop UK got many airfare deals and discounted flight tickets to Namibia. So if you looking to book a flight going back home, or trying to book for holiday vacations then Travel Shop UK is the best answer for your search. With our vast data base with wide range of airlines you are surely to find the best option for your journey. You can even opt to depart from any major airport available in the UK like London, New Castle, Manchester and Birmingham.

So give us a call to find out more information regarding promotional fares, holiday packages and budgeted airfares for your trip to Namibia.

Namibia Overview

This magnificent country gained independence from South Africa in 1990. Namibia was formerly known as German South West Africa and then later it was known as South West Africa. This country is located in Southern Africa. It is bordered by South Africa to the east and south, Angola and Zambia to the north and Botswana to the east.

Namibia Climate

The climate of Namibia is considered to be sub-tropical desert climate. There is a great difference in the day time and night time temperature. There are basically two season, the wet summer season and the dry winter season. The summer season lasts from November till April and the winter season lasts from May till October.

Best Time to Fly to Namibia

You can travel any time of the year to this beautiful country. It is hard to say the exact time that is considered to be the best for travelling. All year long bargain deals and promotional fares are introduced by airlines, in which you are able to purchase reasonable flight tickets to Namibia. Like all other destinations the travel season is the same for Namibia as well.

  1. Off Peak Season
  2. Peak Season

Off Peak Season

The low season or the off peak season is where the prices are quite low. Lot of promotional fares are available in this season. The low season months are start of January till mid-March, then from May till start of July and then from start of September till mid-December.

Peak Season

The high season or the peak season is where the prices are on a higher side. Many airlines tend to introduce promotional fares at this time for limited time only in which you can purchase reasonably priced airline tickets to Namibia. The months included in the high season are mid-December till start of January, mid-March till April and the start of July till start of September.

Popular Cities in Namibia

The most popular city of Namibia is Windhoek. It is the largest city and also the capital of Namibia. This city attracts a lot of tourists toward itself as there is so much excitement and fun filled adventures that this city has to offer to its visitors. So you can plan a trip any time of the year and visit this beautiful city by taking cheap flights to Namibia.

Main Airport in Namibia

There is one main airport in Namibia that is located in the city of Windhoek.

Windhoek (Hosea Kutako International Airport)

The main airport in Windhoek is called Hosea Kutako International Airport. This airport has only one terminal. There are two halls within the airport, one for departure and one for arrivals. Some of the airlines that fly to and from this airport include Air Namibia, South African Airways, Air Botswana, Airlink, British Airways, Angola Airlines and Condor.

Some of the facilities at this airport are mentioned below:

  • Duty Free Shop
  • News Agent
  • Cafeterias and Bars
  • Taxi Service
  • Airport Parking Facility
  • Bureau de Change

Attractions of Namibia

Located in the Southern Africa, this beautiful country, Namibia, attracts a lot of visitors. There is adventure, sightseeing, parks. Wildlife and much more to so and see is country. So start planning your journey by taking bargain flights to Namibia to experience all the marvels that this country has to offer.

Some of the main attractions of Namibia are mentioned below:

  • Kolmanskop Ghost Town
  • National Park Etosha
  • Namib Desert
  • Okaukuejo waterhole
  • NamibRand Nature Reserve
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund
  • Desert Explorers
  • Fish River Canyon
  • Spitzkoppe
  • Okonjima Game Reserve
  • Swakopmund Museum
  • Twyfelfontein
  • Karibu Safari
  • Swakopmund Jetty
  • Epupa Falls
  • Welwitschia Plains
  • Walvis Bay Waterfront
  • Cape Cross
  • Mahango Game Reserve
  • Damara Living Museum
  • Namibia Craft Centre
  • Wild Horses of Aus
  • Mamili National Park
  • Waterberg National Park
  • Diaz Point
  • Felsenkirche
  • Christuskirche
  • Sesriem Canyon

Flight to Namibia

There are many world class airlines to choose from for you travel plans to Namibia. With these major airlines you can surely get bargain deals, promotional fares and cheap flight tickets to Namibia. You can take these airlines from almost all major airports in the UK like London, Glasgow, Manchester, New Castle and Birmingham.

Direct Flights to Namibia

No airline offers direct flight to Namibia from the UK at this point.

Indirect Flights to Namibia

Many indirect flight options are available for Namibia from the UK. Some major carriers include British Airways, South African Airways, KLM and Lufthansa. So you can plan your journey to travel via Africa and Europe. These indirect flights make one transit stop in their hub and then they continue the journey forward to Namibia.

Flight Duration to Namibia from London

An average flight time to Namibia is around 13 hours. This time may vary according to the airlines flying there and the route they are flying from. So this time can be more or less.

Booking Flights to Namibia

Booking flights to Namibia may seem difficult, but in reality they are not. Travel Shop UK has got many amazing offers for Namibia flights from the UK. All you have to do is, get in touch with us via phone call or via email query. Provide us with your preferences and your budget. We will definitely arrange the perfect flight for your journey.

In general you can do bookings for three kind of flight journeys.

Advance Bookings to Namibia

People who have their holidays planned in advance normally take advantage of Book now pay later flights. With this scheme all you do is put down a small deposit to secure your flight (term and conditions apply for book now pay later) and then pay bit by bit for the ticket. This way you can budget yourself properly during the month as you don’t have to pay for the whole ticket in one go.

Last minute Flights to Namibia

People normally thing that booking at the last minute will get them cheaper fares for the ticket. In reality this can be true and this can be false as well. Booking with Travel Shop UK provides you with the security that you will not be ripped off and you will get the best deal available in the market for your journey. We aim at facilitating our customers to the maximum. Last minute booking with Travel Shop UK is almost the same as booking an average daily basis flight.

Instant Purchase Booking

Some people go for instant purchase. This is basically paying for the whole ticket in one go. This process is also very simple. As all you have to do is provide us with your preferences and we will find the flight for you. We try to make the whole experience of searching and booking as easy and simple as possible. Our prices are very competitive and can be compared from elsewhere as well. We assure you that in the end you will still prefer booking with us.