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Cheap Flights to South America

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Cheapest Flights to South America

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About South America


South America is the world’s fourth largest continent also called as the western hemisphere, the New World or just the Americas. The continent is bounded in the west by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the northwest, and in the east, northeast and southeast by the Atlantic Ocean.

There are also two non-sovereign territories in the South America: The Falkland Islands which is the territory of the United Kingdom and the French Guiana which is the territory of France.

South America covers a mass area of approximately 17,884,000 square kilometers which is roughly one-eighth of the total land surface of Earth having the highest point at Mount Aconcagua and the lowest point at Valdés Peninsula.


Like North America the climate of South America is also very diverse. It can be divided into four climate regions.


TROPICAL CLIMATES occurs in all those countries with tropical rain or having rain forests. Normally the Pacific coast of Colombia, the Amazon, coast of Brazil and coast of Guianas are included in this.


TEMPERATE CLIMATES has a greater range of temperatures and it includes extreme climatic variations.


ARID CLIMATES are found in the certain coastal areas, warm and cold deserts and interior regions. Countries like San Juan, northwest Argentina, Peru, and north eastern Brazil are included in the arid climate.


COLD CLIMATES occurs in areas where the average yearly temperature is below ten degree Celsius. Such climate normally happens in the southern most parts of Chile and Argentina.


In the South American continent Portuguese and Spanish is the most spoken language. Other major languages spoken in the continent are English, French, Hindi, Arabic, Dutch and many more.

Spanish is the official language of many countries in the South American continent. Dutch is the official language of Suriname, Portuguese is the official language spoken in Brazil, English is spoken in the Falkland Islands and it is also the official language of Guyana. Other languages include Quechua which is spoken in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia.